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Project Design

Make Cooper Pump Solutions your one stop shop for your entire water- or sewage-pumping project. From the start, our Cooper Pump Specialists can consult with you to create the unique project design you require or improve your existing system. It’s a smart and efficient way for you to save on overhead and minimize any risks.

Expertise you can count on

A Cooper Pump Specialist will begin by working closely with you and your team to determine exactly what pump systems you require and explore the feasibility of different scenarios. We will take on the risk management and evaluate the potential for success before your project even gets off the ground. You’ll then receive detailed project designs and specifications as well as a list of optimal equipment for the work you require. We can then connect you to our rental team so you can move on to the next phase without skipping a beat.

Putting your project design in hands of Cooper Pump Solutions also means you can be rest assured your project will always meet all environmental, health, and safety standards and requirements. A job well done starts with the experts who know your industry inside out and work diligently with you until the work is complete.