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Along with equipment rental, Cooper Pump Solutions offers a comprehensive selection of expert services and solutions to help you complete your project. Our team is made up of highly trained, reliable professionals who know exactly what needs to be done—from project design to installation, maintenance, and more. If challenges arise along the way, we’ll have someone there within two hours to keep the machinery moving and your project on time and within budget.

  • In-field Analysis

    If you’re unsure of what equipment you need, or would like an expert to evaluate your project, let one of our Cooper Pump Specialists come to the jobsite with you to analyse the work that needs to be done. We can then put together a comprehensive list of Cooper Pump Solutions equipment you’ll need to complete your work.

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  • Project Design

    Make Cooper Pump Solutions your one stop shop for your entire water- or sewage-pumping project. From the start, our Cooper Pump Specialists can consult with you to create the unique project design you require or improve your existing system. It’s a smart and efficient way for you to save on overhead and minimize any risks.

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  • Installation

    Save precious time and get the job set up right the first time with the help of the highly trained and experienced installation team at Cooper Pump Solutions. We know every piece of our equipment down to the smallest detail, and we are extremely proficient at putting an entire system together quickly and efficiently. No need to hire an outside team or rely on managers who are not specifically trained in the most up-to-date pumping equipment. Our installers offer professional support and complete peace of mind.

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  • Maintenance

    Minimize downtime, save costs and get your project back up and running ASAP thanks to the flexible maintenance team at Cooper Pump Solutions. When it comes to equipment that’s in constant industrial use, we sometimes have to expect the unexpected and prepare for potential maintenance and repairs. It’s all factored into how we plan for every project—with the goal of ensuring your work is only ever on hold briefly due to emergency situations.

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