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The oil, gas and pipeline industry encounters water issues that are unique to their field. Dewatering for pipeline construction is a job that requires pumps and accessories that are adaptable to different types of land, environments, laws and more. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Expert advice and the right tools for the job

No matter the size or challenges of your jobsite, a Cooper Pump Specialist is your first step to establishing the solution you need to complete your pipeline project. We can evaluate your specific pumping needs across a large area and show you what tools will be required where so you can put together a comprehensive plan. Cooper Pump Solutions can ship you the tools you need right when you need them—meaning no downtime, no wasted manpower hours and no going over budget.

Pipeline solutions for every sector of the industry

Cooper’s extensive inventory of modern equipment means we always have the solutions you need in stock and ready to go. We can supply you with all related accessories and pumps, including:

  • dewatering systems
  • bypass and booster pumps
  • trenching pumps
  • pipe and fusion solutions
  • and more