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Industries We Serve

The in-depth knowledge of Cooper Pump Solutions on a wide range of industries enables us to offer you the equipment, expertise and solutions you require—no matter your field or specific pumping needs. We’ve put together a team with extensive experience in different backgrounds, creating a talent pool that can offer expertise no matter the domain or project. Whether you’re looking to pump water or sewage for a job in mining, construction, environment or more, your Cooper Pump Specialist can step right in and get to work without missing a beat.

  • Mining

    Every mining or quarry project is highly unique, and the amount and location of water you need to pump can not only be challenging, but also change over time. Cooper Pump Solutions offers an extensive array of pumping supplies designed for the specific characteristics of the mining industry.

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  • Construction

    Water management and construction go hand in hand. In an industry where time and deadlines are of the essence, you can count on Cooper Pump Solutions to provide you with the extensive pumping systems you need to deal with everything from dewatering groundwater to lowering water tables, draining storm water and dealing with water-main breaks.

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  • Municipality

    As a government agency, you need pumping solutions that not only fit your department’s budget, but also reflect your city’s rules and regulations while maximizing taxpayer money. Cooper Pump Solutions knows that although the lowest bid may be the most attractive, it does not necessarily reflect the best use of funds or a long-term solution. That’s why we are specialized in anticipating your specific needs and fully understand all municipal water- and sewage-pumping regulations.

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  • Environment

    As environmental concerns are becoming more and more urgent and governments, communities and companies strive to find ways to keep water systems clean, the need for environmental pumping equipment and accessories has never been greater.

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  • Pipelines

    The oil, gas and pipeline industry encounters water issues that are unique to their field. Dewatering for pipeline construction is a job that requires pumps and accessories that are adaptable to different types of land, environments, laws and more. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

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